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Japanese Tea

Earl Grey Sencha

Abe's Earl Grey Sencha Green Tea combines India's smooth and delicate Earl Grey Tea with Japan’s favorite and most widely drank tea, Sencha. The citrus of the Earl Grey compliments the flavor of the cherry blossom in the Sencha to create a truly unique blend and flavor.

Health Benefits

Abe's Earl Grey Sencha can give you that much needed energy boost to get you through the day. It can also increase your brain’s cognitive functions to help you stay focused.

How to Brew

Best when steeped for 5 min. at 85 °c


Abe's Tamaryokucha is sourced out of the finest tea gardens in Kyushu Japan. This province is known for producing Ureshino tea. Identifiable by its curly leaves and fruity flavor, Tamaryokucha is a favorite in southern Japan. A combination of aromatic herbs, an almond finish, and a fresh aroma makes this tea a well-rounded blend.


Health Benefits

Abe's Tamaryokucha can drastically increase the antioxidant capacity in the blood which decreases the risk of heart disease.

How to Brew
Best when steeped for 3 min. at 80 °c
Ginger - Sencha

Abe's Gember-Sencha Green Tea takes two of the world’s favorite teas from China and Japan, combining them delicately to make a refreshing, stimulating, and energetic brew. Having prevalent notes of ginger and the classic flavor of Sencha, this tea is a crowd pleaser.

Health Benefits

Abe's Gember-Sencha can boost dopamine levels and increase the production of alpha brain waves to decrease anxiety levels.

How to Brew

Best when steeped for 3 to 4 min. at 85°c


Abe's Ikebana Green Tea takes Japan’s favorite tea Sencha and expounds on the classic blend by adding blueberry for a fruity, refreshing flavor. Sunflower petals are also added for a floral aroma, and to top it off, bergamot. This is the perfect refreshing tea for the mid-afternoon served hot or cold.

Health benefits

Abe's Ikebana Green Tea is known for very high contents of EGCG which helps protect the skin against sun damage and other irritants.

How to Brew
Best when steeped for 3 min. at 80 °c

Indian Teas

The World's Rooftop
Product Description

Abe's World's Rooftop Oolong Tea is grown in the highest regions of India. Also known as Black Dragon, The Worlds Rooftop Tea is a semi-fermented tea with sichuan spice, pistachio blossoms, and an almond finish.

Health Benefits

Abe's World's Rooftop Tea contains blood adaptogens, known to help the body's vital functions in a changing environment to maintain a healthy state of equilibrium.

How to Brew
Best when steeped for 5 to 7 min. at 85 °c
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Chinese Teas

Smoked Pai Mu Tan

Abe’s Smoked Pai Mu Tan has taken the delicate Pai Mu Tan with all of its subtleties and smoked it over cedar wood. This gives it a slightly fuller taste by absorbing all of the flavors and aroma of the wood.

Health Benefits

Abe's Smoked Pai Mu Tan can increase liver health.

How to Brew
Best when steeped for 5 min. at 65 °c

Abe's Bayadere is a classic yellow tea with added passion fruit and a few rose petals. This creates a fruitier flavor with the familiar floral aroma of traditional white teas.

Health Benefits

Abe’s Bayadere is low in caffeine content which helps increase circulation and reduce blood pressure.

    How To Brew

    Best when steeped for 2 to 10 min. at 75 °c

    Blue Riders

    Abe's Blue Riders Green Tea is sourced out of China in the Anhui Province. Being another Chun Mee Tea It is one of the oldest green teas dating back to the Ming Dynasty in the 1600's. It is a Mint bodied Tea with notes of Mango and a floral undertone giving it a very pleasant aroma.

    Health benefits

    Abe's Blue Riders Tea can reduce your appetite, making it the perfect tea to boost your metabolism and promote weight loss.

    How to Brew

    Best when steeped for 3 to 4 min. at 75 °c

    Pu Erh 2006 Green

    Abe's 2006 Pu Erh Green Tea is sourced from the banks of the Lancang River in the Yunnan Province of China. It is unfermented and not oxidized, thus it retains its color, and more importantly, its flavor. This tea is known as a delicious green tea with a mild hazelnut finish. 

    Health Benefits

    This special blend of Pur Erh is known especially for its ability to lower bad cholesterol.

    How to Brew
    Best when steeped for 5 min. at 90 °c

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